Tribute to Pete Bevin

Pete Bevin became part of the breast-cancer mailing list through his wife, Menya Wolfe. Menya was active on the list until her death from inflamatory breast cancer in 2001.

Over the years, even after Menya' death, Pete has helped the bc list in many ways. He rescued our list archives and gave them a user-friendly home where we can browse, search and even post to the list. He has provided a home on his server for the Friends of the Breast Cancer List (FBCL) website, the bc list website and the bc list gathering website. He also originated and hosts a list for metastatic breast cancer patients,

Pete personally underwrites the cost of all of these websites, quietly making things work in the background. He has a busy life outside of breast cancer, yet he continues to accompany us long after he could have taken another path. So we take this opportunity to thank Pete for his enduring commitment to those coping with breast cancer.

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Help with Pete's Expenses

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